22 September 2006

At last, a Penguins CD?

We've only got a few gigs arranged for the winter so we're hoping to spend some time recording. Slug and I have chatted about the logistics and legalities and I'm keen to get moving on it. We should have a bit more of a plan when we meet with Mike next week. I'd like to have a CD available early next year, but don't hold your breath!

We're also working on a couple of new songs.


Caroline said...

I'd love a Penguins CD - especially if it had Another Girl, Another Planet & Jumping Jack Flash on it.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I know someone famous at last!!

The drummer is so sexy!

Caroline said...

I've just linked to you on my blogroll!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Mark! And congratulations.

Best wishes

Julian Engleheart