06 August 2007

Rock the Spot

The next Macaroni Penguins gig will be on Sunday, 12th August 2007 at The Old Spot in Dursley.

We'll be playing around 8pm, but there is stuff going on from 3pm if you want to get there early.

We've been learning a few new songs, and if you're lucky we might even play some of them...

See you there...

"Spot On, Tommy!"

02 August 2007

Small Facebooks

There is now a Macaroni Penguins Facebook group.

So, if Facebook is your bag, mosey on down and swell the numbers - and I'll try and get the other members of the band to join in once they've got Facebook accounts.

You also might have noticed that Macaroni Penguins Web Site has been revamped and now has some useful information on it.

If you prefer to keep in touch with the band in person, rather than electronically, our next gig is a return visit to The Old Spot, Dursley on Sunday, 12th August 2007, and we've even been learning a few new songs. Hope to see you there...

"Every day I write the Facebook."