24 December 2006

We Wish You...

A Pea, Crisp, Mouse

Macaroni Penguins wish all our fans and drummers best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

And we look forward to seeing you all at our gigs in 2007 (if we have any).

"rootie-toot-toots and rum-a-tum tums"

27 November 2006

Festive Yule Blog

The next Macaroni Penguins gig is on Saturday, 2nd December at Kingswood Village Hall. I'm not really sure how you go about getting tickets, but if you live in or near Kingswood you probably know all about it.

And if one evening of Rock isn't enough for you, then tune in to Channel 4 at 8pm on Sunday to catch School of Rock.

Also, one of our special guest drummers, Tim, has written up his experience of playing Frocester Beer Festival with us in the Summer. It obviously didn't put him off playing with us too much, as he joined us on stage at our last gig - Mark's Birthday Party - for a couple of songs (including Rocks, which makes him the only drummer we have played Rocks with - although we have played it a couple of times at drum free gigs).

"Christmas is drumming..."

07 September 2006

Drum Free Adolescents

Michelle has the weekend off as we're playing a couple of drum free gigs.

On Saturday 9th September we're playing a private party - if you're going to be invited you'll already know all about it.

And on Sunday 10th September we'll be playing inside at the Old Spot in Dursley.

"Can you hear the drums, Fernando?

29 August 2006

August Thanks Holiday

Hello and welcome to the Macaroni Penguins blog. To subscribe to future updates put your email address into the Subscribe form over on the left (or use your favourite RSS reader).

We had an excellent Bank Holiday weekend with gigs at the Frocester Beer Festival (Saturday) and the Old Spot in Dursley (Sunday). If you were in the crowd at either of these gigs, thanks for making us feel welcome, and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. And thanks to Tim for drumming with us at these gigs.

For all the Slug groupies out there who want to get a T-shirt like the one I wore in the second set at the Old Spot gig, here is a link to the T-qualiser shirt at Play.com. (No, I'm not on commission).

And I don't think the bit about the different bars responding to different frequencies is true either.

"Get your socks off, get your socks of Lizzie..."