14 August 2008

Licence To Chill

The next Macaroni Penguins gig will be the Frocester Chill Out at The Old Spot, Dursley on Sunday, 24th August 2008. We will be playing from 6:30pm ("so we can be louder", apparently), but there will be stuff going on from 2pm until closing time. Entry is free.

We've been rehearsing a few new songs (new to us that is - if we get them right you should be able to recognise them as songs you've heard before), and if you're really lucky we'll try a few at The Old Spot.

Earlier this year The Old Spot was voted National Pub of the Year by CAMRA, and this gig will provide it with another honour. As well as being Gig 90 this performance will enshrine The Old Spot as Macaroni Penguins' most popular venue. Currently it's a tie between The Old Spot and The Prom, having played 13 gigs at each venue.

Come down and enjoy the fun... we hope to see you there...

"If you can stand the cool, get into the chill"