27 August 2010

Gig: 27th Aug - The Plough Inn, Wrington

... (W)ring(ton) the Changes

>>> *UPDATE* The Venue for this gig has changed. <<<

The next Macaroni Penguins gig will now be taking place at The Plough Inn, Wrington on Sunday, August 29th 2010 at 8:30pm.

The weather for the Bank Holiday weekend is set to improve, so come down and join us for our first gig in this venue... and if you're lucky we'll be performing a couple of new (to us) songs!

Given Wrington's proximity to Bristol Airport, this would be the ideal gig for international visitors.

Please note that originally this gig was to take place at The Rattlebone Inn, Sherston (NE of Bristol), but has been reorganised to happen at The Plough Inn, Wrington (SW of Bristol). Please don't go to the wrong pub (this message is as much for the members of the band as the audience!).

"I've got a bass, but I'm not a bassist"