22 August 2013

Gig: 25th August - Stonehouse Court Hotel, Stroud

Breaking News... We're going to playing at Stonehouse Court Hotel (at Stonehouse, near Stroud) on Sunday 25th August 2013, as part of their Bank Holiday Summer Fun Day.

Yes, this is the same day we'll be be playing The Old Spot Chill Out, but this gig promises to be somewhat different to normal.

We'll be playing from 5:30pm to 6:30pm (and then packing up and heading to Dursley).

18 August 2013

Gig: 25th August - The Old Spot Inn, Dursley

We're returning to The Old Spot Inn, Dursley on 25th August 2013 to play the legendary Old Spot Chill Out.

Not quite sure what time we'll be on, but I'll let you know as soon as I know.

Update: The fun starts at 3pm. Music will by provided by The Whole Grand Scheme, Leon Daye and Macaroni Penguins. We'll be playing from 9pm.

"Turn up. Tune up. Chill out"