29 August 2006

August Thanks Holiday

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We had an excellent Bank Holiday weekend with gigs at the Frocester Beer Festival (Saturday) and the Old Spot in Dursley (Sunday). If you were in the crowd at either of these gigs, thanks for making us feel welcome, and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. And thanks to Tim for drumming with us at these gigs.

For all the Slug groupies out there who want to get a T-shirt like the one I wore in the second set at the Old Spot gig, here is a link to the T-qualiser shirt at Play.com. (No, I'm not on commission).

And I don't think the bit about the different bars responding to different frequencies is true either.

"Get your socks off, get your socks of Lizzie..."


Caroline said...

The Old Spot gig was brilliant - I wish I could have gone to the Beer Festival - how many drummers have you played with so far?

Jim said...

By my reckoning we've played gigs with ten different live drummers. We've also played two gigs with drum machines (one, our very first gig, with my TR-505 and one with whatever Mark's drum machine is), and more recently we've played a few gigs in the Old Spot with no drums at all (and we'll doing that again at the Old Spot this coming Sunday - 10th September).

Most of our gigs have been played with Michelle on drums, but we have had a few stand-ins when Michelle's been too busy and important to play with the likes of us. Both Geraint and Tim have played with us at three gigs each, and Andy has played with us for one gig.

When we played at Michelle's wedding we had a grand total of seven different drummers playing with us (in different songs, you understand) including the bride and groom.

Mark said...

My drum machine is an Alesis SR-16 and I think Liz deserves a special mention for "driving" it in the gig.

Groovy Cat said...

I finally wrote something about my experiences at the Frocester Beer Festival. It's not much and I'll probably feel an urge to expand, tweak and otherwise interfere with it as time passes, but it's something, at least.